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Wera Tools, a well-kept secret in the realm of high-quality hand tools, has been a trailblazer in the industry for over 85 years. A global brand, with a presence in 78 countries across 8 continents.

Wera are driven by a singular mission – to challenge the status quo in everything they do. Wera do not believe that tools have reached their ultimate stage of development. Instead, they think differently; they question, and in their quest for innovation, they transform the familiar into the exceptional.

Wera Logo

Tools for the Exceptional: Wera’s Unique Approach

Wera Tools stand out from the crowd. Wera products are not for the average user; they are reserved for the tool aficionados who understand and appreciate the difference their tools make. Wera cater to those who demand excellence and precision in their work.

Innovation as a Way of Life

Innovation is at the core of Wera’s DNA. They love to push the boundaries of design and engineering, always striving for the perfect tool. The result? A vast array of true, award-winning innovations that can be found throughout the product range. From pioneering screw driving tools to ingenious problem-solving solutions, Wera is where innovation and craftsmanship unite.


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