The Foundations

Contech Building Products Ltd. emerged as an offshoot of its sister company, Innovation Ireland. Innovation Ireland have been distributing the Novatio brand of products in Ireland since 1992. Novatio is subsidiary of Novatech International, a Belgian family-run company which went on to develop the original Tec7 hybrid MS polymer.

Novatech approached Innovation Ireland with a view to partnering to introduce the Tec7 product to the Irish market. Contech Building Products was subsequently established and launched Tec7 to the Irish market in late October 2002.

Logo reads Contech Building Products in white text with a black background

Having spent the first ten years building the brand, Contech set out to expand the range of products. While doing so, they were conscious of the need to stay true to the central philosophy of the brand. This philosophy sets out to provide the professional tradesperson with the maximum number of solutions with the minimum number of products and never compromising on quality.

Contech have regularly introduced new products over the years. Beginning with the addition of ROOF7, Multiclean, PUR7 expanding foam, and the impressive GT7 penetrating multi-spray oil. Today the Tec7 catalogue includes full ranges of best in class adhesive and sealants, cleaning products, waterproofing products, decorating products,  expanding foams and sealant guns.

Expansion as a Premium Brand Distributor

While the Tec7 brand has grown from strength to strength, the company has also evolved as a distribution company. Around seven years ago, they made the strategic decision to develop their brand portfolio.

Contech set about identifying premium brands that would fit in with their company values.  

Contech have been extremely selective in their choice of brand partners, with a laser focus on product quality, brand identity and compatibility of sales philosophy. Their first new relationship saw them partnering with the Scandinavian market leader in screws and fixings, ESSVE, and the introduction of their range to Ireland. They then entered a partnership with the UK-based ROYD Tool Group, and on the back of excellent early results, now serve as the exclusive Irish distributors of ROYD’s SMART, TRACER and OPTIMAXX brands.

Most recently, Contech Building Products Ltd have agreed a partnership with the esteemed German tool manufacturer Wera, and set out an ambitious strategy for 2023 and beyond to unlock the immense potential for this brand in the Irish market.