One of Europe’s leading fastening companies¬†

ESSVE believe that exceptional craftsmanship starts with the smallest of details. They are dedicated to perfecting the art of fastening with a continuous pursuit of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

From humble beginnings in the heart of Scandinavia, ESSVE have grown to become the region’s number one woodscrew brand. Their journey has been marked by a commitment to the trade professionals and builders who rely on their products daily.


Screws that Stand the Test of Time

In the world of construction and woodworking, precision and durability are paramount. ESSVE’s screws are not just fasteners; they’re the building blocks of your projects. ESSVE screws are engineered to meet the most demanding standards, ensuring your work stands the test of time.

ESSBOX – Revolutionizing Organization

ESSVE understand the challenges faced by tradespeople and builders. That’s why they introduced ESSBOX, a groundbreaking system that’s changing the way screws are stored, carried, and utilised.

Efficiency, Reimagined

ESSBOX is more than a toolbox; it’s a game-changer. With ESSBOX, you can carry multiple sizes of screws at once, eliminating those frustrating trips back to the van. It’s a system designed to boost your efficiency, save you time, and streamline your work process.

Waterproof Design

The ESSBOX system is 100% waterproof, safeguarding your valuable screws against the elements. Rain or shine, your screws remain dry and rust-free, ready to perform at their best.

Preventing Stock Loss

Research shows that 20% of purchased screws are never used. With a secure locking system, the ESSBOX system prevents stock loss and keeps your screws organized, ensuring that your investment doesn’t go to waste.


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